This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to the Emily Thornberry’s leadership campaign.

Under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA), there are rules that members of a registered political party and holders of elective office (including Members of Parliament) must follow in relation to donations they receive and loans they enter into in connection with their political activities, which include seeking election to an internal party office.

Under PPERA, Emily Thornberry’s campaign can only accept a donation or enter into a loan of more than £500 towards Emily’s political activities if we have confirmed that the donor or lender is permissible. For the purposes of individual donations this means that the donor must be an individual registered on a UK electoral register.

The electoral commission regulate compliance with these rules on donations and loans. For donors giving more than £1,500 in a calendar year, their name and the value of the donation will be sent to the Electoral Commission which will publish details on its website. The donor’s address will not be made public.

Emily Thornberry’s campaign must:

  • only accept donations and enter into loans with a value of more than £500 from permissible, mainly UK based sources
  • check that lenders are permissible before entering into any loans
  • report any permissible donations and loans of more than £1,500 to the House of Commons Register for Members’ Financial Interest, including those from the same source that add up to more than £1,500 in the same calendar year
  • return any impermissible donations that they are offered and report the details to the Electoral Commission within 30 days

Donations must be from the donor’s own funds and may not be passed on from a third party. It is an offence not to reveal the true source of a donation.

Donations to political parties and campaigns are not tax-deductible.
This donation facility is provided for individuals to make donations to Emily Thornberry’s campaign. UK companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trade Unions and Unincorporated Associations may also make donations to the Emily Thornberry’s campaign.

The information you have provided will not be shared with any organisation without your consent. For further details of our data protection policy please see our privacy policy.